Top Washable Dog Beds That Combine Style and Functionality

Top Washable Dog Beds That Combine Style and Functionality

Washable dog beds are very essential items in your house. They provide proper warmth and comfort to your dog and are a personal place for your friend. It is an extremely comfortable and cozy place for your dog to stretch out and nap. These beds protect your pet from the hard and cold floors. Sleeping on the floor might lead to joint pain, especially when the dog ages. The pets are also uncomfortable on hard surfaces, so giving them a washable comfort bed will be a very effective choice. A good dog bed will have proper support and cushioning, which will help give the dog proper comfort.

In this blog, we discuss the top features of washable dog beds apart from their style and functionality. 

So, keep reading. 

Top-notch Features of Washable Dog Beds 

Apart from having a perfect style and functionality, these beds have top features for you to select for your pet. They give your dog a very comfortable feeling, making it a perfect choice for you. These include:


A washable bed is extremely affordable as the cost of buying the bed is much less. As it is a washable item, you do not need to buy new items regularly and can maintain these washable dog beds for a long duration. If you buy a regular bed, you must replace it as it gets dirty with the soil and mud, increasing the expense. If you use a washable bed, then it is an affordable long-term investment.

Easy Car Travel

While you are traveling in the car with your pet, it will be very important for you to protect the seat of your car from getting dirty as there is a bit of dirt present in your friend’s paws. You can easily carry these washable beds in your car as a seat cover and protect them from damage. This will also give your pet a very comfortable ride, or the car seat might also be a bit uncomfortable. 

Use as a Crate Pad

All these washable dog beds are created with such dimensions that they can easily fit most of the pet crates available in the market. So you can use these beds as a crate pad in the store. You do not need to leave your dog alone at home if you are going to the shop. Carrying your dog through the crate will become easy if they can comfortably sit.

Extremely Environmental Friendly

Washable beds can be used for a lifetime, as we recommend that you wash and launder your bed for a long time, and you can keep using it for a long duration. After a few years, if you think you need a new one for your dog, do not discard the old one, as you can use it for other areas of your house. These might protect your house’s furniture and keep a different bed for travel and one for daily use. You do not need to dump these beds in the landfill.

Controlling Odor

You can regularly wash your bed as these washable dog beds are very easily washable and keep the bed clean and fresh. There is no chance of any odor coming from the bed. The dog will be very comfortable using this bed and will be attracted to the great comfort. 

Hygienic Choice

One of the top features that is very attractive among the users is its highly hygienic feature. The bed often gets very dirty with the dirt that the dog brings with it, plus there is extreme moisture and chances of urine falling on the bed. This may penetrate the fabric of the bed. You might think it will generate bacteria, creating a bad smell and affecting the fabric. But no, as it is a hygienic choice, the outer coating of the bed will never observe any material inside the fabric and will always be easy to clean with a simple wash. As you can easily clean the outer coating, there is no chance of any bad smell. 

Durable Material

The best fabric is used for creating these washable beds as these are not only water-resistant but are also resistant to dogs. Yes, the dog might be harsh with the bed and easily tear it. However, these beds are very difficult to tear, and it is almost impossible for the dog to tear the outer padding. It is a perfect investment for you if you want to give the best comfort to your friend. 

Washable dog beds have made it very easy for pet owners to maintain a clean environment for their dogs. There are no issues if your dog bites or digs the bed as the material is very strong, and it will be difficult for the dog to destroy it. The durability of the bed is also very high. If you want the best washable beds, check the collection at Dog Friendly Co



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